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Monday, October 17, 2016

Little History of Vintage crystal glassware

8:30 AM
Little History of Vintage crystal glassware

Vintage crystal glassware - While the production of glass cut for thousands of years, and reached its peak of popularity in the late 19th century in what is called the "brilliant", which lasted until the early 1900s? Was brilliant period cut glass, a popular wedding gift at the time, and a cup containing heavy lead, complex parts with geometric patterns and a workshop? Cut glass becomes desirable because it reflects light at the dinner table. During the American brilliant period referred to as the "cut glass rich." Was very expensive, and refers to the social status of the owner.

Most of the companies that specialize in the manufacture of either glass or cut, and only a few do both. Some companies cut glass highlight of time Dorflinger Glass Company the Hawks who Libby Glass Company, HC Fry Inc., Strauss, J. Hor and the company. Style May be patented all its own factory of a series of decorations, such as Hobstar, strawberry diamond, cut punty? Pattern of the rarest or most expensive is the Aztec, plates, and trellis.

Vintage crystal glassware and often come in groups. For example, the bottle comes with glass and glassware, candles come in groups of two or four, and berries bowl comes with six small bowls. Another set of cut glass including ice cream cans, casserole dishes, pie plates, and finger bowls. Vintage crystal glassware is very fragile and sensitive to heat. It should also be wary of false collectors pieces of glass, which began to show in the 1980s. it can often be identified by testing the health of black light. That is all about Vintage crystal glassware.
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